The St. Tropez self-tanning treatment gives a streakless application that will last for days. This Aloe Vera based lotion is non greasy and quick drying, with a relaxing aromatic scent. Now you can enjoy a year round tan so dark it can help disguise stretch marks and varicose veins. The St. Tropez range of products were developed to achieve the perfect self-tan and is very different to any other on the market. It is the Aloevera base which takes the tan into the skin. This means there is no need to massage the tan into the skin.

In preparation for the St Tropez treatment, full body exfoliation treatment is done, concentrating on the elbows, hands, knees, ankles and feet, and then moisturise the same areas.
The tan is applied with an even stroking movement and blended into the foot using St. Tropez moisturiser. Any surplus tan is removed from the toenails. This procedure is repeated on the whole body. The tan can be used full or half strength to achieve a more natural tan on the face. Don't worry if the guide colour looks streaky. When it is dry (10-15 mins) streaks can be wiped off with a dry flannel. Moisturise daily, as this will help maintain your tan. St. Tropez self tan contains no sun protection, so always use a sunscreen when exposed to the sun.

St. Tropez is a one strength tan. This means that it will only develop to a maximum strength. It is therefore impossible to put too much product on to the skin. Any excess product will be wasted. As long as all the surface area of skin is covered the tan cannot streak. To obtain a darker tan it is necessary to repeat the process after the original tan has developed. For a lighter tan, custom blend by mixing the tan with St. Tropez body moisturiser.

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