"Just for today do not worry.
Just for today do not anger.
Honour your parents, teachers and elders.
Earn your living honestly.
Show gratitude to every living thing."
Dr. Mikao Usui

In Japan the ancient art of healing was refined by Dr. Mikao Usui into a rigorous procedure whereby practitioners are attuned into channeling Chi or Universal Energy into the client or patient via his or her chakra points. Reiki is a method of healing, which utilises the life force that flows through all living things. The therapist acts as a channel to conduct the energy to the person seeking healing.

The Universal Energy has been identified by cultures throughout the ages:

Chi - Chinese.
Ki - Japanese.
Prana - Hindu.
Mana - the Kahunas of Hawaii.
Jesod - Jewish Cabalists.
Holy Spirit - Christianity.
Wakan - Sioux Indians.

The Chakra points used in many oriental activities including acupuncture and martial arts are seen as power centers linking energy flow through the body.

The 7 main Chakra points are:-
  • Crown (On top of the head).
  • Brow or third eye (on forehead between the eyes).
  • Throat.
  • Heart.
  • Solar plexus (below the sternum or breast bone).
  • Belly or sacral (around the navel).
  • Root (above the genitals).
A non-invasive, non-threatening therapy that is deeply relaxing yet leaves the client refreshed and re-vitalised. This is a clothed treatment were the therapist places the hands on the body to assist the flow of energy through the client.

The client feels very relaxed, some may sleep, others may feel heat or tingling sensations, some may feel emotional - with crying or laughter as deep-seated problems surface safely since everyone is an individual.

It is usual for the recipient to feel a sense of warmth in the area being attended to at the time. On occasion this sensation may remain for some time after the hands have moved on to another part of the body.

Reiki is especially useful where the stresses are caused by or connected with a mental or emotional trauma or upset. The strength of Reiki lies in its total approach to healing, not being confined to the physical symptoms but working on the underlying causes or links to the trauma presenting itself.

The two characters above are "Rei-ki" written in Japanese. Rei in Japanese means spirit. And ki means life force energy. Together they can be read as "spirit led life force energy".


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