Holistic Massage
Holistic or Swedish massage is the manipulation of body tissues to produce therapeutic effects. It is performed manually using the hands and is excellent for not only combating the stresses and tensions of modern living, but also for athletes and sports people to aid recovery and treat soft tissue injuries.

It is called Holistic Massage because the whole person - mind, body and spirit - is treated, as opposed to the ailment. The massage is based upon Swedish massage, the word massage having its origin in the Arabian word Mass'h which means 'to press gently'.

Holistic massage also incorporates acupressure (based on traditional Chinese acupuncture which claims that good health is maintained by regulating the flow of energy through invisible channels in the body called meridians).

During the massage you will be asked to strip to your underwear and lie on a couch where you will be covered with towels. Each area to be massaged will then be uncovered in turn and a medium (usually a vegetable-based oil or cream) applied. Various movements are then performed upon the tissues:

  • EFFLEURAGE- where the hands skim over the surface of the tissues.
  • PETRISSAGE- where the hands press down or lift and squeeze the tissues.
  • PERCUSSION or TAPOTEMENT- where the hands strike the tissues.
  • VIBRATIONS- where the hands vibrate or shake the tissues.
Holistic massage has the following effects upon the body:
  • Relaxation - slow, rhythmic massage produces a soothing, sedative effect upon sensory nerve endings promoting general relaxation.
  • Stress-relief - massage creates feelings of well being and health together with promoting vigour and mental awareness.
  • Increased circulation of both blood and lymph which aids detoxification (by speeding up the removal of metabolic waste) and the reduction of any oedema. It also increases nutrient and oxygen delivery to the cells of the body. Skin colour is also improved due to the dilation of surface capillaries.
  • Sweat glands are stimulated aiding the cleansing of the body and elimination of waste.
  • Abdominal massage stimulates peristalsis and the movement of digested food through the colon, thus helping to relieve constipation and flatulence.
  • Oil or cream used softens and moisturises the skin.
  • Vigorous, brisk massage aids desquamation (shedding of dead skin cells) and so improves the skin tone.

Holistic massage differs from an Aromatherapy massage in that Holistic or Swedish massage involves much more tissue manipulation while Aromatherapy massage is comparatively gentle, as its main function is drainage whereas holistic massage is highly manipulative, working the different muscle groups deep beneath the surface of the skin. It is an effective method of relaxing whilst toning muscles, loosening knotted muscles, helping sports injuries, reducing pain, stiffness and muscle fatigue, increasing muscle elasticity, improving circulation of blood and lymph, loosening adhesions, attacking cellulite and providing stress-relief. As with all massage treatments there are general contra-indications (a list may be found in the aromatherapy section) and if you have any doubts as to your suitability for treatment please do not hesitate to contact me

Sports Massage
Sports Massage is Swedish Massage using the special techniques of compressions, jostling, skin rolling, transverse friction, gliding, kneading, deep stroke, skin friction, and percussion. It is used for working on athletes pre and post event, for therapeutic/training massage, and for addressing the soft-tissue discomfort associated with injuries.

The purpose of Sports Massage is to free up the body for motion. It is designed to make the athlete as Good as possible, as Safe as possible for as Long as possible. Athletes are often on the verge of injury. As they push to get better they constantly stretch their limits.

Sports Massage Helps to:
  • Maintain the entire body in better physical condition.
  • Prevents injuries and loss of mobility in potential trouble spots.
  • Boosts athletic performance and endurance.
  • Restores mobility to injured muscle tissue.
  • Extends both the good health and overall life of one's athletic career.
  • Sports Massage will benefit the occasional, recreational, amateur, and professional athlete.

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