Body Treatments

Luxury Top to Toe Aromatherapy Massage
Lie back and enjoy this full body massage with pure organic essential oils that are synergistically blended to your needs. This is a very relaxing deep aromatic massage, which will aid the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

60 mins  45.00

Full back neck and shoulder massage
Concentrating on the upper back using deep pressure and tapotment if required. This is an excellent treatment for those aching shoulder muscles. It also helps to ease the tension in the neck. One of the most popular treatment for ladies who work with computers.

30 mins  18.00

Luxury Back Massage
A firm pressure massage which stimulates those aching muscles in the back, neck and shoulders. This treatment uses some tapotment movements, which enhance the deep pressure, and aids the breakdown of body toxins. The treatment is further enhanced synergistically blended pure organic essential oils.

30 mins  20.00

Indian Head Massage
This treatment includes the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. An excellent treatment for neck and shoulder stress, relief from headaches, eyestrain and neck and facial tension. Also aids people with irregular sleeping pattern.


Without oils

30 mins  12.00

With oils

30 mins  18.00


Aromatherapy Face, Neck and Shoulder Massage
Using gentle and relaxing strokes to promote cell renewal and skin tone, incorporating meridian lines of the head for relaxation and stress relief.

20 mins  20.00

Indian Head Massage with warm oils drizzle on forehead
Enjoy this luxurious treatment, when stressed, suffering from insomnia, headaches, chronic colds, sinusitis or generally feeling ungrounded or for sheer bliss and relaxation. The treatment includes full Indian head massage using warm aromatic oils. The head, neck and shoulders are gently massaged to help ease those stressed and aching muscles, followed by warm oils gently poured in a slow dynamic movement over the forehead (third-eye) in a continuous calm drip for about twenty to thirty minutes. Profoundly relaxing, this treatment switches off a chattering mind and induces rest. Finally, relax for a few minutes and let the warm oils do their magic to help smooth those worry lines away. A truly comforting and exotic treatment!!!

60 mins  25.00

St. Tropez Body Bronzing
The treatment celebrities choose! This is one of the best bronzing treatment available. First the body buff and then exfoliation and moisturize as needed. Then the bronzing begins! This is an excellent bronzing as you can see instant results with the use of the guide colour. An ideal way to start your summer holidays with a tan. Also popular for weddings, special occasion or just a treat you deserve!

Full body

75mins  £25.00

Part body top up


Advance Treatments

This is essentially a treatment applied to the feet, in order to facilitate the healing powers of the body. A good stress reliever and aid to rid the body toxins.

60 mins  £22.00

(Initial 11/2 hour booking where you need at least 30 minutes for consultation.)
Block Bookings

2 x 60 mins  £40.00

4 x 60 mins  £70.00

Hopi Ear Candle therapy

A non-invasive treatment of the ears, special candles are lit and placed in the outer ear canal drawing impurities, helping to regulate the pressures involved inside the ear. Hopi Ear Candle Therapy can help to alleviate Tinnitus, Sore throats, hay fever, compacted ear wax, Headache, migraine, Sinusitis, rhinitis, Catarrh, asthma, regulation of pressure in ears and head, energetic revitalisation of hearing impairment, relaxation in conditions of anxiety and stress.

60 mins  £25.00

This is a non-invasive hands on therapy where the therapist uses the Life energy to promote natural healing process of the body. Reiki is also called the universal life energy that promotes healing, Harmony, and well-being on all levels: physical , Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.
  • Relaxing- releasing tension & anxieties, thus leaving you calmer
  • Energise you – if you are feeling tired
  • Increase your zest or life
  • Kick start your creativity – or release creative blocks
  • Improve your immune system – physical, emotional & mental health

60 mins  £22.00

30 Mins balancing of Chakras - £15.00

Reiki (2X1hr) £40.00

Reiki (4X1hr) £70.00

BVM Top to Toe Harmonising Facial
Purely blissful full body treatment which will leave you with a positive and revitalized spring in your step and a sense of beauty and well being that comes from within. The treatment increases the energy levels and boost’s the immune system, leaving your skin looking vibrant, with a smoother and refreshed complexion and lustrous hair, which not only makes you feel younger but makes you look younger too!

2 hrs  £80.00

5 treatments

- £375.00

10 treatments

- £725.00

Full body Harmonising Massage

Heated oils are used to give this deep hands-on Acu-lymphatic body massage. This treatment is designed to help balance and harmonise your body, assisting lymphatic drainage and circulation. This will improve transportation of important nutrients to your skin, resulting in a more balanced skin texture and tone. Whilst stimulation of your acupressure points helps improve the flow of energy to your vital organs, increasing your body's energy and immunity levels.

75mins £50.00

5 treatments

- £225.00

10 treatments

- £455.00

The BVM Ayur Body Wrap
An innovative therapy treatment that's available as a full body wrap or half body wrap. The treatment combines the principles of Ayurveda including friction massage and heated Ayurvedic oils, alongside lymphatic drainage. The treatment encourages inch loss, helps to tone body, stimulates circulation hence improves skin tone. The result is a fabulously therapeutic, deeply relaxing and brings about a feeling of well being …… and that’s a wrap ladies!!!
Treatment time — approx

Full body

2hrs  £60.00

Half body


Hot Stone Therapy

Designed specifically for those who experience chronic fatigue, anxiety, nervous tension, headaches, muscle pain, PMS or everyday stress. This profoundly relaxing treatment includes hot river stones guided over the body to relax tense muscles, increase circulation and promote the overall sense of well being, rebalancing and rejuvenating the body while moisturizing your skin

75mins  £50.00

Hand And Foot Treatment

Luxury Hand Treatment With Shea Butter Cream
Enjoy a gentle arm hand massage before having a Shea Butter based hand peel. Finishing with the use of Shea Butter hand cream and cuticle balm. The soothing properties of Shea Butter are excellent. Shea butter is known locally as the 'Women Gold'. The hand peel is a clay and Citrus fruit base and the aroma is divine!

20 mins  £15.00

Rejuvenating Leg and Foot massage
A stimulating leg massage followed by a relaxing foot massage. An excellent treatment to aid breaking down fatty tissues, which lead to cellulite. It is also excellent for the calf muscles. This treatment is given with a blend of essential oils, which further enhance the breakdown of toxins. A truly popular treatment especially before holidays.

20 mins  £15.00

Treatment for those aching feet
It’s a full time job being feet. They get you going and keep you grounded. They offer you support and maintain your balance. But if they could speak, they'd be the first to let you know that keeping up with the demands you put on your feet is certainly no walk in the park.

Luxurious sole satisfaction Foot Facial
Dry cracked heals, hard as stone calluses, achy tired feet. So why not treat those hardworking soles to a totally soaked soy foot bath. It’s more than just a foot soak as the feet are treated with a specially formulated lemongrass and lavender product, loaded with nature's finest and most effective ingredients, every item is blended to refresh, deodorise and moisturise those tired feet.

30 mins  £15.00

Pedicure and Manicure Treatments

Aromatherapy pedicure
A must for those over worked feet. Treatment starts with aroma foot soak, foot-scrub, and rough and dry skin removal, correct toe nail shaping, foot massage, moisturise, varnish of your choice, and finally a refreshing mist of peppermint.

60 mins  £20.00

Pedicure treatment including warm wax
Treatment for those painful or Arthritic or very dry skin condition, a truly hydrating treatment.

75 mins  £25.00

Pedicure treatment including Luxurious sole satisfaction Foot Facial.
A truly decadent treatment for those tired toes.
75mins  £30.00

Including shaping, buffing, soaking, cuticle treatment, relaxing hand and arm massage, and finally varnish of your choice.

60 mins  £20.00

Manicure treatment including warm wax treatment

75 mins  £25.00

Shape and re-varnish

15 mins   £5.00

Luxury Manicure
All of the above including Shea butter hand peel treatment and cuticle softener

75 mins  £30.00

Seasonal Treatments

Tropical Treats for the summer
Ladies why not start the summer holidays with a pampered body! You can have a top to toe care with the following treatments and start the summer feeling fresh and vibrant. These luscious treatments were created with tropical islands, deep blue seas, white sandy beaches and the exotic aromas of the esteem blossom in mind. They are yours to try with each one bringing a different aroma and total delight .Pure indulgence is a definite whilst also treating your skin to nourishment, moisturising and goodness from the ingredients provided. You can drift away to your dream destination whilst you lie amongst aromatic oils and enjoy the treat you really deserve!

Buff Soothe & Moisturise Back Treatment
Relax and enjoy this soothing treatment. The back is buffed, exfoliated and brushed. Then treated to a soothing and moisturising treatment of Neroli, sandalwood and frangipani. All this whilst you relax and dream of those summer holidays!

30mins  £15.00

Arm and back Exfoliation & Peel
This is an excellent skin soothing treatment. The arms and back are given a skin buff, then a gentle exfoliation. Then treated to a citrus clay peel, followed by a frangipani & gardenia moisturiser. The skin is left feeling smooth and delicately fragranced.

30mins £15.00

Sea Breeze
The treatment involves with a delicate cooling lavender mist reminding you of a sea breeze, followed by a vitamin enriched spirulina foaming back wash to gently cleanse your skin, completed by a sandalwood and aloevera skin soother to cool and moisturise. One to try if you are missing those white sandy beaches.

30mins  £15.00

Mango Mango
A Taste of tropical delight is provided with this Mango and Mandarin Mud treatment. The back and thighs are buffed with body mitts followed with mud application whilst you inhale the tropical aroma. Treatment is then completed with a warm mango and mandarin oil massage to totally tantalise your skin!

30 mins  £15.00

Tropical paradise is found with this banana and coconut milk mash for your back, following a gentle buff and orange spray mist, a banana mash is applied to nourish and cleanse the skin, after which you can enjoy a coconut oil application to keep you in top tropical banana condition!

30 mins  £15.00

Butter Nutter
If being back from holiday has left you high and dry, this is an ideal treatment for your skin. Your back and thighs are buffed before being smothered and pressed with shea butter, plus the exquisitely aromatic monoi butter, finishing with a shea butter moisturiser, with which you will be soothed and exotically fragranced. You would be a nutter to miss this treat!

30 mins  £15.00

Facial Treatments
All mini fruit or aromatherapy facial treatments including Superficial Cleanse, Deep Cleanse, Exfoliate, Mask, Tone and Moisturise

30mins  £20.00

Luxury Fruit or aromatherapy facial Including Superficial Cleanse, Deep Cleanse,Exfoliate, Steam, Shoulder, Neck and facial massage, Mask, Tone and Moisturise

60mins  £35.00

BVM Acu-Lymphatic Facial
A wonderful deep hands-on facial; Once the skin is polished The BVM Acu-lymphatic massage is employed to help drain and stimulate vital acupressure points. The facial ensures your skin gets all the therapy and nourishment it needs to help re-balance and revitalise itself.

60mins  £35.00

Monthly Treatment Packages!!
Taster Package £25.00
Choose any 30 mins treatment
Any 20 mins treatments.
Luxury Package £40.00
Choose any 60 mins treatment
A ST. Tropez body bronzing
A Luxury facial
Any 20 mins treatment
30mins treatment
Purely Pampering Package £90.00
Choose from Either
Package 1,

Any luxury treatments (facial, St Tropez, Manicure or Pedicure,)
A Pampering top-2-toe aromatherapy massage and
Receive a FREE 20mins or 30mins treatment of your choice
Or Package 2
2 Harmonising Massages
FREE 30mins treatment of your chioce

Pamper Packages
Pamper Package 1—£ 60.00
French /Luxury Manicure with Shea Butter Hand Scrub
Choice of full Luxury Pedicure
And any 30 mins treatment of your choice absolutely free
Pamper Package 2—£ 100.00

Unwind with Luxurious Facial Treatment and
Full Aromatherapy Body Massage
St.Tropez Body Bronzing
Then choose any 20mins treatment you like
Bonus Offer

Book any one of the above packages and have any
Waxing treatments including
Full leg wax, Bikini, Underarm, Forearm and Facial
Eye care Package
all for only £ 30.00 (Normal charge £65)

Terms and conditions

  1. Initial 11/2 hour booking where you need at least 30 minutes for consultation.
  2. We require 24 hours notice of cancellations otherwise full treatment price will be charged for or automatically taken off your prepaid packages.
  3. All packages must be paid for in full and are non-transferable.
  4. If you have not previously had an eye lash tint, you will require a  patch test, before the treatment can be administered 24 hours later. If you do so, it will be at your own risk and you will be asked to sign a disclaimer.
  5. All products and treatments on a gift voucher will be redeemable once the voucher has been given to reception staff prior to the treatment.
  6. Inability to produce a gift voucher will require the treatment/products to be paid for in full by the client.
  7. All gift vouchers are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase
  8. We accept all major credit/debit cards except Amex, Diners, Electron & Solo. Please add £1.50 to the total amount.

Ladies Hold A Health And Beauty or A Pamper Evening And Beauty or A Pamper Evening And Receive A Taster package Absolutely Free!



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